Getting Paid


Timesheets & Paydays

In order to be paid on time, students must complete their timesheet by the timesheet deadlines. The timesheet deadlines are published by the Payroll Office and are listed by pay period along with all paydays for the year:

Pay dates for on-campus positions are on the 10th and 25th of each month in which you work.

Time worked between the 1st and the 15th of the month will be paid on the 25th of the current month. Time worked between the 16th and the end of the month will be paid on the 10th of the following month.

To complete your timesheet online, use the following directions:

Receiving Paychecks

Your paychecks will be mailed to your address that is under your mailing address in EagleNET.  We encourage Direct Deposit.  Please note it takes two cycles to go through once you set it up.

Direct Deposit

To sign up for Direct Deposit, log into your EagleNET account. You will need to provide your bank routing number and account number. Go to the Student tab, Student Account, and then View/Update Direct Deposit Information. You will be given the option to use the Financial Aid direct deposit information to set up direct deposit for Work Study/Student Employment. Every time you make a change, you must accept the terms and conditions.

  • Financial Aid Direct Deposit: The account verification process will take 4-5 days. If a refund is processed while your account is in Pre-note status, it will be generated as a check.
  • Work Study/Student Employment Direct Deposit: The account verification process can take up to 2 pay periods. Your first check will be mailed to the mailing address you have in EagleNET.

Any time you make a change to your online Direct Deposit information, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming that a change has been initiated through EagleNET.