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Navigate Student will guide you from orientation to graduation. Stay informed and connected, and on the right path to complete your degree. Make appointments, get personalized information, deadlines and important dates, and connect with other students in your classes.

When using the browser version of Navigate, it is recommended you use Google Chrome.

When updating information on Navigate, there is a 24 hour delay.
In order to see live verifications, view in EagleNET.

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What is Navigate Student?

  • A personalized user-friendly app that guides your ongoing student experience
  • From orientation to graduation – helps you stay organized and on the right path
  • Easily connects you with the people and services that will support you during your time at EWU

Intake Survey

  • For a more personalized experience, answer the intake survey questions
  • It also gives your advisors a more complete view of you as a student
  • Don’t worry, you can change your answers at any time!
  • Choose all the options that apply
Intake survey question with all answers checked.
Intake survey question one option chosen.
Intake survey question with all answers checked.


Study Buddies

Hand Raise

Making an Appointment

Finding Resources


If you have any questions while exploring and using Navigate, email