Pathways is an exclusive opportunity for students who wish to attend Eastern Washington University and demonstrate that with additional support they can successfully complete an undergraduate program. The Pathways program is based in research and practice and was created to offer higher levels of academic support and social integration. The program provides Pathways students every opportunity for success.

Pathways Benefits

When you join the Pathways program, you join a community. Here are a few ways Pathways helps students succeed at EWU.

Guidance from trained professional staff 

You will meet on a quarterly basis with your student success advisor who is committed to assisting you all three quarters of your freshman year. Staying on track first year can be challenging for all students, but your student success advisor will help guide you with good college strategies and assist you in adapting to the university culture. They will also facilitate discussion and planning to place you in the correct courses and develop a plan towards declaring a major and graduation.

A community experience

You will become a part of a cohort of students to learn from and become a part of a community to help foster Eagle Pride. Students will be able to connect with the Pathways coordinator to access student resources and navigate the Eagle community on campus.

Participate in a course specially designed for incoming college students

You will be placed in a class designed to both introduce you to college course expectations and to provide first year students with the skills they will need to successfully complete their college education at EWU. 

Priority access to developmental math and English classes

Participants in the Pathways program will have priority access to developmental math and English classes if needed, to help advance you to the classes you need to be enrolled in for your major.

Access to an academic coach

As a participant in the Pathways program, you will have an opportunity to benefit from the support of an academic coach and the PLUS program. PLUS offers a variety of peer-led services that can help you excel in the classroom.

Admission to Pathways

You will be invited to join Pathways based on your EWU application. From the pool of applicants, we look for students who show promise and are motivated to take part in a program that is structured for their success. There are various ways that this is accomplished.

Students who are part of the Pathways  program will be connected with their advisor and work together to be successful in your academics at EWU. You will have access to resources to help you achieve this.

We look forward to working with you!