About Advising at EWU

Your Student Success Advisor is here to help you succeed! Your advisor is your ally, here to help you plan classes, adjust to university life and support you on your academic journey. You can meet with your advisor as often as you want and need.

Student and Advisor Expectations

Student Responsibilities:

  • Be proactive: Ask a lot of questions!
  • Follow EWU academic policies, procedures and deadlines.
  • Work with your advisor to learn your curriculum requirements and track your progress towards graduation.
  • Use advising resources effectively.
  • Read your Eagles email at least once a week—even better, daily.
  • Recognize when you need help and seek appropriate resources.
  • Use your advising sessions effectively by arriving to appointments on time and prepared.

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Create an environment of respect and trust.
  • Recommend a quarterly schedule and work with you on developing a long-term academic plan.
  • Give information about majors, minors and resources, and assist you with declaring or changing your major.
  • Monitor your academic progress and discuss concerns when necessary.
  • Provide accurate advising to ensure progress towards graduation.
  • Respond to your questions and concerns in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Serve as an advocate or connect you with other people/departments on campus for support.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Once you schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor, you can prepare for the meeting by reviewing your academic progress, coming up with specific questions you have for your advisor, and thinking about what you would like to accomplish during the meeting.

You may start planning courses using Navigate Student Academic Planner at any time.  Your advisor can also see what you plan and you can use you advising appointment to make refinements and updates! And if you would like a tutorial video on Academic Planner, please see the video here.

How Often Should You Meet With Your Advisor?

You can meet with your advisor as often as you would like. It is advised that you meet with your professional or faculty advisor at least once per term to discuss your progress and plan your classes for the next term.

We recommend meeting with your advisor before registration starts. This way, you can plan your schedule and resolve any holds or registration issues ahead of time.


Students with fewer than 45 completed credits (freshmen) are required to meet with their Student Success Advisor at least once per term. For this reason, freshmen will have a registration hold placed on their account each term. You must see your advisor to lift this hold.


Students with 90 completed credits or more (juniors) must meet with their advisor to declare their major. Juniors will have a registration hold on their account until a major is declared.