Minerva’s Story

As a fifth-year student, I have always been someone who has struggled with time management, writing skills and staying motivated. As I began taking English classes, I began to attend the Writers’ Center. Not only did I find the feedback and comments from responders helpful, but I found that working with responders allowed for less pressure to be felt with deadlines. I have been working with responders for three or more years.

As a first generation student, not having direction within my writing and career choices have been difficult. As I prepared to write scholarship papers, and essays, being transparent and having structure has always been difficult. Not only were light conversations useful to help ease the stress behind being in college, but the social and emotional support was also beneficial during times of distress.

As a result of meeting with responders, the collaboration, hard work, and encouragement allowed me to be a recipient of the Washington Apple Education Foundation scholarships for three consecutive years. The constructive criticism, feedback, and rewrites allowed me to not only perfect my writing but allowed me to become a better scholar and have structure and direction throughout my writing.

Together we have worked to better prepare for graduate school, suggestions, and recommendations for my research project to define my ideas, and advise me on writing and creating a curriculum vitae and preparing for professional interviews.

I would overall state, that the Writers’ Center’s responders truly impact and help students, like myself, to create a strong foundation, not only within our writing but within everyday college experience. Not only has my experience with the Writers’ Center been extremely helpful but has also been rewarding to work with like-minded individuals that can empathize and understand the writing process.