Jessica’s Story

Jessica's Story

The Writers’ Center has supported my achievements in applying to graduate school and being accepted. I worked closely with responders in preparing graduate applications for both master and doctoral programs, finalizing resumes and cover letters, as well as formulating multiple statements of academic purpose. With guidance from responders, I was able to navigate various graduate … Read more

Kimberley’s Story

Kim's Story

I’m an MSW student in the Vancouver program. I recently returned to school to work on a master’s degree after a long break from my undergrad work. Prior to starting the program, I hadn’t done much writing except for my somewhat sarcastic, annual Christmas letters. I knew that graduate-level academic writing was far different. I … Read more

Minerva’s Story

Student story of Minerva

As a fifth-year student, I have always been someone who has struggled with time management, writing skills and staying motivated. As I began taking English classes, I began to attend the Writers’ Center. Not only did I find the feedback and comments from responders helpful, but I found that working with responders allowed for less … Read more

Marie’s Story

Marie's story

The Writers’ Center has helped me accomplish more than I thought could be possible in a six-month span. I have been working closely with a responder to prepare myself and my application for applying to doctoral programs. This responder is very well trained in how to handle applications, what the application process entails, and also … Read more

Edith’s Story

Student story of Edith

Throughout the 2015-2016 Academic school year, I visited the Eastern Washington University Writers’ Center weekly to meet with responders. I understand that learning is a social process—that is, I should not try to do everything in college by myself. Like many students, I face several financial hardships. I looked to the EWU Writers’ Center for … Read more