Jessica’s Story

The Writers’ Center has supported my achievements in applying to graduate school and being accepted. I worked closely with responders in preparing graduate applications for both master and doctoral programs, finalizing resumes and cover letters, as well as formulating multiple statements of academic purpose. With guidance from responders, I was able to navigate various graduate applications effectively and successfully submit them by the deadline. The responders’ support produced fruitful results, as I am now a graduate student in the program of Public Health at Eastern Washington University. I have also been granted a tuition waiver for my program of $9,500 per year.

The Writers’ Center has been essential to my experience as a student. When needing to navigate certain stressful situations, the responder has been there to guide me as to what action steps I must take. If needed, the responder would assist me with expertise on formulating emails and contacting faculty. As a McNair Scholar, the responder has assisted me in making connections with faculty at masters and doctoral programs all around the country. For example, I was interviewed and asked to speak in a class at a graduate course in Texas. This connection helped expand my network, as I now keep close contact with faculty there who have offered insightful wisdom on being a scholar of color aspiring to work in academic settings. When tasked with writing, I frequently refer back to the center for advice. The center’s holistic ways of approaching writing have encouraged me to overcome writing barriers I began experiencing my final year as an undergraduate. The responders introduced me to scholars who have inspired me on why I should write and why my writing has value. I have learned to become a confident writer and can now write any kind of paper with little to no hesitations.

I would recommend students to use this center as it has helped me realize my potential as a writer and future professional. Their expertise proves to be of great assistance when faced with potential academic barriers. I would most likely not be in graduate school for instance, had it not been for the continued guidance and support from the Writers’ Center. The responders were welcoming and made a scary process like applying to graduate school much easier and possible.