Marie’s Story

The Writers’ Center has helped me accomplish more than I thought could be possible in a six-month span. I have been working closely with a responder to prepare myself and my application for applying to doctoral programs. This responder is very well trained in how to handle applications, what the application process entails, and also understands how to communicate with faculty to receive the information that is needed.

While working at the Writers’ Center, I have reached several academic goals. I have been a part of three research laboratories, and I am currently the laboratory manager of the Human Emotions and Personality Lab. I have been in contact with faculty at doctoral programs all over the United States, and I have had two interviews with universities in regards to their program.

The responder was not only very intellectual in understanding the doctoral process, but he was also very emotionally understanding of how stressful school can be while trying to manage a life. There were days when I would come to the session exhausted and brain dead and instead of getting straight to work, we talked about how to manage my stress appropriately, and he would change his scheduled plans in order to not overwork me. Those sessions where I was able to relax a bit while still getting necessary work done were the most helpful. It taught me that even if I am stressed and exhausted, there are still things I can do to be productive without overworking myself. In assisting me in writing the scholarship essay, the responder was very aware of when I would start to spin my wheels in trying to find the perfect word. He would tell me to take a break, have a light conversation, and then get back to work.

The Writers’ Center and the responder I have worked with supported me through helping manage my time, stress, sleep, and productiveness throughout two quarters. I am still working with the responder to make sure I am on track in getting my applications prepared for December 1st. I am coming up on three quarters in working with the same responder, which has been very important to me to be able to keep the same momentum and picking up right where we left off. In working through the Writer’s Center, I feel very confident in my abilities as a student and a future professional.