Edith’s Story

Throughout the 2015-2016 Academic school year, I visited the Eastern Washington University Writers’ Center weekly to meet with responders. I understand that learning is a social process—that is, I should not try to do everything in college by myself.

Like many students, I face several financial hardships. I looked to the EWU Writers’ Center for assistance in creating competitive scholarship and career applications. The responders offered support and advice on how to fund my education with scholarships and submit professional job applications.

While working collaboratively with responders, I learned to adequately analyze an audience, write scholarship essays, and craft resumes. As a result, I’ve been offered an Orientation Advisor position with the Office of New Students Transitions and Parent Programs. I was also awarded the Eastern Washington University Scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year. As a result, I can resolve some financial hardships while gaining valuable experience working with low-income and first-generation students.

In addition to helping me understand my writing process, the EWU Writers’ Center connected me to other resources that would support my academic achievement. I shared my graduate school aspirations and obstacles with one responder who advised me to meet with the Director of the McNair Scholar Program. I was later offered the opportunity to be part of the McNair Scholar Program for undergraduate students pursuing a doctoral degree.
Although this is not part of the responder’s job description, the experience opened my eyes to see that one person can indeed make a difference in another person’s life. In the future, when I am confronted with a problem or need support, I have the skills to ask for help and find solutions to those hardships, motivating me to get back on track.

As an emerging writer, the Writers’ Center was a home for me when I was floundering in my ideas. I found that responders helped me develop strategies for brainstorming, self-assessment, editing, and revision. Ultimately, my experience at the EWU Writers’ Center convinced me that I could become an effective writer while reminding me that writing and putting ideas together is also an enjoyable process.