Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via DUO

Register Device(s)

Register devices for DUO two factor authentication.

Manage Device(s)

Manage devices using two factor authentication.


Prevent others from accessing your account


Quickly and easily log in with the tap of a button


Use from any location with the mobile application


Duo Two Factor Authentication is currently for available to all Eastern Washington University employees and students.


Register for the EWU Two Factor Authentication service. We recommend registering more than one device so you have a back-up if your device is lost, stolen, broken or otherwise unavailable.


Two-factor authentication through Duo will not only help secure the campus network, it will also ensure only authorized users can access critical information, such as paychecks and your sensitive information.

In addition to easy enrollment on a device you already have, Duo’s secure cloud-based environment meets all federal and industry compliance regulations as well.

Duo Mobile App on a Smartphone or Tablet

Installing Duo Mobile on your device will give you two ways to authenticate. When you try to log in to a system protected by Duo Two Factor Authentication, it will push an authentication request to the Duo Mobile application on your device. Once you approve the request, you will be admitted to the system.

Passcodes via Text

You will receive passcodes via a single text message. One passcode will be used each time you log in to the system.

Hard Token

While using a mobile device is most convenient option and the one that most users prefer, users may acquire a hardware token instead.

Callback via Phone

Duo will generate an automated phone call to approve your access to the system.

Do I have to use a mobile device?

There are several methods that can be used, including a mobile device app, SMS text message, and voice phone call options. While using a mobile device is most convenient option and the one that most users prefer, university employees may request a hardware token instead. Replacements for lost or stolen tokens will be charged to the user’s department.

Can I use Duo with my smartphone without downloading the mobile app?

Yes, you can. If you do not want to download and use the Duo mobile app, you can specify this during the device enrollment process. You must choose “other” when selecting the smartphone’s operation system.

Does use of my personal device for 2FA result in any data or other records stored on my device that are subject to disclosure as “public records”?

If you use Duo Mobile, there is no data stored on your smartphone or tablet. Period. We use Duo because it’s simple and secure, and one of the reasons for this is it creates no records on your personal device.

If  you receive phone callbacks, there is no data on your phone and you can delete the metadata from your phone’s history of recent incoming calls because it’s transitory and the administrative purpose is fulfilled as soon as you’ve completed the call.

In each case, the result is the same: no data related to 2FA on your device that’s subject to disclosure.

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