As Formal Food and Beverage Restrictions Lift, EWU Community is Asked to Follow Guidelines

EWU is lifting its formal restrictions on food and drink in classrooms and labs as of Tuesday, Feb. 1. It is instead asking that faculty, staff and administrators continue to help limit the spread of Covid-19 by being conscious of health guidance and best safety practices in classrooms and other shared spaces.

While food and drink are now permitted, faculty members are asked to limit eating and drinking inside the classroom and, instead, accommodate students by providing short breaks if needed. Students should note that faculty members continue to have authority, through their syllabuses, to establish no food/no drink expectations in their classrooms.

As the EWU community continues to navigate through this recent surge in Covid-19 cases, sponsors of on-campus events and activities are asked to avoid permitting food and drink when possible.  Water may be sold/distributed as needed, however, especially in events that extend over an hour or activities that are strenuous and require hydration.

Staff is asked to remain thoughtful about the size of groups and the spaces in which events are scheduled as a way to continue to prioritize in-person instruction at the university.

EWU off-campus events must continue to follow the health and safety guidelines of the facility in which the event is being held.

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