August EAP Focuses on Managing Financial Habits

Hello everyone – During August, the following resources are offered by our Washington State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to support you and your family:


Can’t make the live August webinar? Check out future dates or watch on-demand. In addition, EAP offers on-demand webinars on a variety of subjects, including navigating change, leading change, stress management, creating psychological safety on work teams, and more.


  • ICYMI: In the July/August newsletters, EAP concludes the series focusing on the five workplace essentials described by the U.S. Surgeon General for reimagining workplaces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fifth and final workplace essential is “Opportunity for Growth”, which has three components: 1) Offer quality training, education, and mentoring; 2) foster clear, equitable pathways for career advancement; and 3) ensure relevant, reciprocal feedback. The Employee Newsletter offers learning opportunities available through DES Training, in areas such as communications, customer service, information technology, project management, and more. The Supervisor Newsletter describes the three components of this essential in depth and recommends a number of approaches to promote and foster opportunities for growth in the workplace.

Some additional resources to support development of this workplace essential include: cultivating kindness for yourself, how to be resilient when you are highly sensitive, and how to foster a growth mindset for employees and leaders

Work/Life Services

  • EAP Work/Life site offers tools and resources to help support you with financial challenges and pressures, offering practical strategies to help you form solid financial habits. For support to understand and change your financial habits, watch this month’s on-demand seminar, “Digging Deep” – available beginning Tuesday, Aug. 15. Access the Work/Life site by logging in with your Organization Code, EWU. For individualized support, access free financial counseling services through the Work/Life site or by calling 1-888.728.1408.

And if you’re struggling, or looking for some support or useful resources, our EAP is here for you: don’t hesitate to reach out at 1.877.313.4455 or online.

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