Combined Fund Drive Underway

As we embark on our 2021-22 academic year, please remember how much our contributions are needed and the enormous difference we make to communities around the state of Washington and beyond. One way to help is by participating in the annual Combined Fund Drive campaign, which runs from Oct. 1– Nov. 15.

This campaign has become one of the most innovative and successful public employee giving campaigns in the country, pledging more than $5 million annually. In these tough times, charity and goodwill is needed more than ever. The Combined Fund Drive is one way we can help our very own communities.

To kick off the first week please see the special giveaway below.

Please consider donating by clicking on this link and then clicking on the Donate on line link.

Since the program started in 1984, state employees and retirees have come together to donate more than $155 million dollars to local, national and global charities through the CFD.

To celebrate the 2021 Annual Giving Campaign, the CFD has teamed up with WSECU on the First Week to Give promotion. This special giveaway is for any state employee or retiree who starts or increases their payroll contributions by $5 or more, or volunteers at least one hour with a member charity. Those that qualify will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. 

To see the rules please go to

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