From EWU Benefits: Open Enrollment Reminders

The 2024 PEBB annual open enrollment ends Thursday, Nov. 30. Here are some reminders for open enrollment:

To change health plans, waive coverage, or return from waived, remove a dependent, or attest to the spouse or state-registered domestic partner (SRDP) coverage premium surcharge, log in to PEBB My Account and update your account before 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30.

Some changes, like adding a dependent, require that you use a 2024 enrollment/change form. You may use a form instead of PEBB My Account.

You may complete a 2024 Premium Surcharge Attestation Change form if you are required to attest to the spouse or SRDP coverage premium surcharge and prefer not to attest online.

Forms and any required dependent verification documents must be received by EWU benefits office no later than 5 p.m. (PST) on Thursday, Nov. 30.

Dual enrollment reminder:

You and your dependents cannot be enrolled on two PEBB accounts, and you and your dependents cannot enroll in health plans under both the PEBB Program and the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program. You may waive your enrollment in PEBB medical to enroll in SEBB medical only if you are also enrolling in SEBB dental and vision. In doing so, you waive your enrollment in PEBB dental. You can only waive PEBB dental coverage if you enroll in SEBB medical, dental, and vision, and only in specific situations.

Dual enrollment within the PEBB Program:

• You may waive PEBB medical to enroll as a dependent under the PEBB medical plan of your spouse, SRDP, or parent. You must enroll in your own dental plan.
• A child eligible for PEBB medical and dental under you and your spouse or SRDP may be enrolled under both accounts, but the child is limited to one medical plan enrollment and one dental plan enrollment.
• If you are eligible under two PEBB employers, you may choose which employer to enroll under. Note: Faculty who stack to establish or maintain eligibility for the employer contribution will be enrolled under the employer responsible for paying the employer contribution.

Dual enrollment between PEBB and SEBB Programs:

• You may waive PEBB medical and dental to enroll in SEBB medical, dental, and vision.
• If you waive PEBB medical and dental to enroll in SEBB medical, dental, and vision plans, you will be enrolled in PEBB employer-paid long-term disability (LTD), employee-paid LTD with the option to reduce and decline the benefit, and basic life insurance.

FSA and DCAP reminder – you must re-enroll each calendar year, if you wish to participate:

To enroll in the Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA), Limited Purpose FSA, or the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP), you may either:

• Visit the Navia Benefit Solutions You will be asked to log in or create an account through Secure Access Washington (SAW) to enroll online, or
• Download and complete Navia’s 2024 Annual Open Enrollment form, available on Navia’s Forms & Documents webpage, and submit it as instructed on the form or return it to the Benefits Office.

Navia Benefit Solutions must receive your enrollment no later than Thursday, Nov. 30. Remember, you must enroll during open enrollment to participate in the FSA or DCAP, even if you aren’t changing your election amount.


If you have enrollment questions, contact EWU Benefits office. For questions about benefits, contact the plans, visit the Washington State Health Care Authority webpage.

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