Summer Insurance Coverage and Balloon Deductions Update

Here are some important details covering insurance and balloon deductions for the upcoming summer months for different types of employees:

Coverage under the University-paid PEBB insurance package of medical, dental, basic life, and basic long term disability will continue through the summer months for full time faculty and staff on less than 11 month appointments, provided they return to eligible pay status in September.  For those who have a Lecturer position, coverage will end June 30 unless we are notified of your reappointment for the next academic year.

Medical Insurance and Optional Life Insurance – General Information

For appointments paid over the academic year (9 months), double insurance premiums and any applicable tobacco and/or spousal insurance surcharges will be deducted (ballooned) from April 10 through June 25 to collect premiums due for July through September.  If your insurance premiums are ballooned and you receive pay anytime in July through September, no medical or life premiums will be deducted.  Employees on a semester schedule may have adjustments in fall if full premiums are not collected, due to the early semester-end date in May.

 Employee Paid Long-Term Disability

Premiums are required and deducted based on actual eligible salary as it is paid.  No premiums are required during the months when such employees are on their scheduled summer break.  Those employees who elect to use accrued annual leave time or who work and are paid during the summer will find LTD premium deductions on those checks.

Auto/Homeowner Insurances

Contact Liberty Mutual Insurance to have your summer premiums billed to your home directly while you are not in pay status.  Payroll deductions will resume when you return to pay status.  The phone number for Liberty Mutual Insurance is 1.800.981.2372.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FSA deductions will be taken from any pay issued in July through September.  If no pay is issued for one or more summer pay periods, deductions will resume with your October 10 pay unless you have reached your annual limit.

 Other Deductions

Basic retirement deductions will be taken from any eligible pay received during the summer.  Voluntary Investment Program (VIP) deductions will be taken any pay period in which you receive a paycheck, up to your 2022 maximum deferral limit.

Coverage or Premium Changes that Occur Over the Break

In the event a life or medical insurance change occurs over the Summer, EWU will collect/refund associated premiums in the Fall when the employee returns to work to bring accounts into balance. Changes that could cause premiums to be out of balance would be a change in premium rates due to a birthday or adding/dropping coverage over the Summer.

Questions can be directed to EWU Benefits at 509.359.2488 or

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