Support Your Individual and Workplace Wellbeing with EAP

As we enter July, we hope that your summer will include a window to relax and recharge.

In spite of the warm weather, and given all that has been happening close to home and throughout the world, many of us may be struggling, or feeling lost or overwhelmed. Please know that the EAP is here to help. 

EAP is offering the following resources to help employees learn about the causes and impacts of traumatic events and how we can better understand and support ourselves, our team and our staff:


The July/August EAP newsletters focus on the causes and impacts of traumatic events and how we can better understand and support ourselves, our team and our staff.

The Employee Newsletter focuses on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which are traumatic events or situations that happen during childhood and lead to long term stress. We learn about causes, symptoms and triggers of ACEs, as well as strategies for coping and recovery.

The Supervisor Newsletter focuses on a trauma-informed approach to supervision, which can make the difference when fostering healthy interactions in the workplace. The article covers how to recognize and understand trauma-driven behavior, and fundamentals of trauma-informed approaches to communications and collaboration.

Work/Life Services

Through the EAP Work/Life site we can access tools and resources to help us establish boundaries with screen time and form better digital health habits, including this month’s on-demand seminar, Unplugged: Digital Detoxing. This seminar is available beginning Tuesday, July 19. Access the Work/Life site by logging in with your Organization Code, EWU.


Learn about all that EAP offers at the live half-hour EAP Orientation webinar from 3-3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19, in future months, or via on-demand. EAP also offers a variety of on-demand webinars which can help us create psychological safety on our teams, understand and manage stress in our lives, adapt to the many changes we’ve experienced over the last couple of years, and more.

Don’t hesitate to reach out at 1.877.313.4455 or online, if you need assistance.

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