UndocuAlly Winter Workshops are Open

Registration opens today for UndocuALLY Workshops offered during Winter Quarter 2022.

UndocuALLY is intended for anyone (faculty, staff, and students are welcome) who is interested in being a responsible and visible ally for undocumented students on the EWU campus.

The Multicultural Center UndocuALLY workshops advance awareness of the undocumented community, with a particular focus on our EWU undocumented student experience. The workshops enhance the knowledge of our campus community about the needs of undocumented folks both on campus and in our world.

UndocuALLY is a 2-hour workshop, offered periodically throughout each quarter. UndocuALLY workshops help participants learn to do the following:

1. Differentiate between DACA, undocumented, and international student statuses
2. Name systemic disparities faced by undocumented students in higher education
3. Identify resources for undocumented students (both on and off campus)
4. Recognize how through our roles at EWU we can support undocumented students

Register for UndocuAlly today. For questions please send an email to mcc@ewu.edu.

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