WA Cares FAQs on the Payroll Website

WA Cares FAQs are now listed on the Payroll website.

The WA Cares Fund is a new program that gives working Washingtonians access to long-term care coverage when they need it. Contributions to the program begin July 1.

We have two new FAQs listed on the Payroll website. Information in those FAQs includes “What is the WA Cares Fund? Who has the WA Cares payroll deduction?” and “How do I apply for a WA Cares Exemption? If I do receive an exemption, how do I notify Payroll?”

The WA Cares Fund LTC is administered by the Employment Security Department (ESD), not EWU, so any questions should be directed to them. There are a number of links in the FAQs to ESD webpages that provide a detailed description of the program, help/support for any questions, a current rate and calculator for the deduction amount, and a link to apply for an exemption.

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