April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The WAGE Center team and Counseling and Wellness have reimagined Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) for a virtual and physically distanced experience in 2021. Virtual event kits will be provided with tee shirts, markers, teal decorations and a few surprises!

Stop by our physically distanced table in PUB NCR between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31 to pick up supplies for the month’s activities or contact llogan83@ewu.edu. to make pick-up arrangements.

All events are virtual and free. All but “Let’s Talk with CAPS” are open to the public.


April 1 – 30

Join us in participating in the EAGLES’ 30 Days of SAAM Challenge 2021. Post to your Instagram about SAAM using suggested themes  throughout the month of April and tag @EWUWAGECenter, @ewuwellness, @ewu_CAPS, & @NSVRC.

Multilingual Consent Video Campaign

April 1 – 15

Please share a video of you saying “I ask for consent” or “Consent is important to me” in your first language. Be sure that the video is public before sharing it so that we can access it. Please also be sure that your video is tall, not wide. You can either send us a link to your social media content, if it is public, or upload your video to your own Google drive and share it with us there. Videos will be curated, combined and shared on WAGE Center social media accounts the second half of the month and on our Dean of Students social media takeover on April 30.

Solidarity with Survivors: SAAM Kickoff Party & Turn Zoom Teal

April 1

1 – 2:30 p.m.

At this virtual party (register here). We will decorate our shirts for the clothesline project, decorate our zoom backgrounds, and color/draw while listening to music. Party kits for the participants will be provided on March 31 in the PUB NCR from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Supplies for decorating shirts, spaces, and Zoom backgrounds will be included in the kits.

Let’s Talk with CAPS

April 7, 13, & 29

Join one of our CAPS counselors for a brief confidential conversation. Counseling and Psychological Services’ staff will provide a safe space where you will be heard, believed, supported and given resource information.

Click on dates below for Zoom links.

Self-Care Toolkit

April 8 & 15

Noon – 1 p.m.

We will explore self-care as a political act for survivors and think through how to separate our self-care practices from oppressive structures. We will also practice together with a low-pressure self-care activity. (Register here).

SAAM Keynote with Faith Ferber: Student Organizing around Title IX and Anti-Carceral Responses to Violence

April 13

1 – 2:30 p.m.

Faith Ferber is the Student Organizer from Know Your IX.

Student Organizing around Title IX and Anti-Carceral Responses to Violence 

In this presentation, Faith Ferber, a Student Engagement Organizer with Know Your IX, will define Title IX, discuss why schools respond to reports of sexual violence, review the Trump administration’s attack on Title IX and what’s expected under Biden, and explain how students can organize at the federal, state, and campus levels for policies that support student survivors and protect their civil right to an education free from violence. Faith will review the school’s Title IX policy and make specific recommendations, incorporating a discussion of abolition and how it relates to Title IX work. Students will walk away with the hard skills needed to successfully advocate for change on campus. (Register here).

Contemporary Issues in Feminist Research: From Classroom to Community – Mujeres in Action

April 22

Noon – 1 pm

Deborah Svoboda, MSW, PhD & Hanncel Sanchez

Domestic and sexual violence have been identified as a major public health problem by the WHO and the UN. In the U. S., sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence are serious public health problems. Multiple forms of abuse are experienced by diverse individuals and relationships, crossing class lines, gender identities, religious affiliations, age, race and ethnicity, immigrant status, and disability. The Latinx community is not immune from this type of violence and has increased risks of harm due to racism, xenophobia, and systematic marginalization. In Spokane, an EWU alumna, Hanncel Sanchez, combined her academic knowledge and personal dedication into action for the Latinx community. Mujeres in Action (M.i.A.) was founded in 2018 and has evolved from a course research paper into a thriving non-profit organization serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence. M.i.A. is an extraordinary case example of theory into action for the common good. (Register here).

Denim Day

April 28

Wear jeans! Find the Denim Day photo backdrop at the PUB or take your photo or selfie anywhere. Tag @EWUWAGECenter, @ewuwellness, @ewu_CAPS, and @peaceoverviolnce. Use the hashtag: #DenimDay2021

Denim Day is an annual day of activism on which people wear denim and post photos to their social media to combat victim blaming. Denim Day began in the late 90s and commemorates a legal case in Italy in which the assailant was found not guilty by the supreme court because the survivor he sexually assaulted had been wearing tight jeans. The court claimed that she would have had to assist in removing her jeans and that meant she had consented. Thankfully, the world responded and Italy has since refused to allow a “denim defense.”

Dean of Students Instagram Takeover

April 30

Follow the Dean of Students on Instagram @dosewu to view the wrap-up of this important month for survivors and all of us. We will share highlights from the month and the consent videos you shared at the beginning of the month.

You can find more information, registration links and other resources on Sexual Assault Awareness Month website. Contact Lisa Logan at llogan83@ewu.edu three business days in advance to make accommodation arrangements.

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