College of Business Faculty Awards

The College of Business Faculty Development Committee is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Excellence in Research and Excellence in Teaching Awards.

We proudly award the College of Business 2021 Excellence in Research Award to George Kenyon, PhD, assistant professor of management. This award recognizes faculty for their outstanding intellectual contributions to the College of Business. Kenyon demonstrated his scholarship through the publication of three peer-reviewed journals during the past year:

  • Weeks, K., Safa, M., Kenyon, G., & Levius, S. (2020). Offshore multi-purpose platform efficacy by U.S. coastal areas. Renewable Energy, 152, 1451-1464.
  • Kenyon, G. N., Grinder, B., & Weeks, K. O. (2019). Ship to shore connectivity: Trends, issues and opportunities. Journal of International Business Disciplines, 4(2): 38-53. 
  • Kenyon, G.N., Neureuther, B.D., Zhou, D., Goldsmith, M. (2018). Improving Decision Making in Ports: Opportunities in Data Management. Maritime Economics and Logistics, 20 (4): 514-530.

The College of Business 2021 Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to Tam Limpaphayom, PhD. Limpaphayom is currently a full-time lecturer in management and was a full-time tenured associate professor of management during the academic year 2019-2020. This award recognizes faculty for their contributions in the areas of rigor, integration of theory with practice, innovative approaches and engagement.

Limpaphayom has taught a range of management courses during AY 2019-2020 in face-to-face and remote synchronous formats. Limpaphayom has used a combination of lectures, multimedia materials, current events (news), team activities and projects to deliver content in her classes. In course evaluations, students have appreciated Limpaphayom’s broad knowledge of the material, her availability to answer students’ questions/concerns, and her efforts in creating engaging learning atmospheres in classes.

Congratulations to Kenyon and Limpaphayom from the College of Business!

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