EWU Professors Awarded Substance Abuse and Mental Health Grant

Amanda Reedy, associate professor and director of the School of Social Work at EWU and Grace Creasman, senior lecturer and program director of the Addiction Studies Program received a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Grant to expand practitioner education at Eastern.

Amanda Reedy, director, EWU School of Social Work
Grace Creasman, director, EWU Addiction Studies Program

The purpose of this program is to expand the integration of substance use disorder (SUD) education into the standard curriculum of relevant healthcare and health services education programs.

The EWU School of Social Work was chosen as one of 20 schools to participate in the initial implementation and evaluation of the curriculum. The strong partnership between addiction studies and social work made them stand out. Creasman has been actively involved in the CSWE Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Task Force in the development of curriculum as well.

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