EWU Public Health Expert Continues the COVID-19 Discussion on ‘Spokane Talks’

David Line returned to the Spokane Talks video podcast this week to discuss disenfranchised populations, vulnerable populations and populations where social distancing is not an option amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Line is an assistant professor and director of Eastern Washington University’s Master of Public Health Program. In his more than two decades of experience prior to joining the EWU faculty, Line has, among other notable roles, served an incident commander during outbreaks of the pneumatic plague, hantavirus, West Nile and measles in Arizona and New Mexico. During this time, he also served with the New Mexico State Police search and rescue team, acting in a variety of capacities that included planning, logistics, operations and public outreach.

His research interests at Eastern include qualitative and quantitative studies on services provided to medically involved youth, water quantity and its impact on public health, and online education.

You can watch Line’s “Experts @ EWU” interview from April 9, 2020 below:

In his previous “Experts at EWU” interview, Line provided several insights into the scientific community’s understanding of COVID-19 and unpacked some the terminology and processes that epidemiologists use to track and contain the illness. You can watch the March 26, 2020 segment here: Understanding the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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