BECU, Eastern Offer Fellowship Opportunity for Black Student Entrepreneurs

Through its internship programs and other educational outreach activities, BECU, one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading financial services companies, has long played an outsized role in helping students succeed after college.

Now, in recognition of the opportunities and challenges unique to Black students who aspire to own and operate their own businesses, BECU is teaming up with Eastern Washington University E-Ship Center to launch the Black Entrepreneur Opportunity Fellows program. Applications are being accepted through Tuesday, Feb. 22.

“I am extremely grateful to BECU for putting a great idea designed to uplift the Black community into action. The statistics on racism, discrimination and exclusion in every facet of society experienced by Black Americans remains a harsh truth,” says Shari Clarke, vice president for diversity and senior diversity officer. 

“This fellowship offers an opportunity for Black students to dream big. To begin to chip away at injustice with a future that embraces endless possibilities for success through entrepreneurship,” Clarke says.

The fellowship is designed to provide an opportunity for Black students at EWU to share ideas and collaborate as they plan and build their businesses. Along the way, students will receive coaching and mentorship while participating in experiential learning, immersion activities and entrepreneurship-related conferences. Fellows will also be eligible for up to $4,000 in funding, as well as support for conference travel.

If you are a Black EWU student with a business idea, or have aspirations of joining a startup or launching your own company, take a few minutes to apply to become a BECU Black Entrepreneur Opportunity Fellow. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, Feb. 22. Please email any questions to the E-Ship Center at

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