EWU Entrepreneurship Wins Major International Award

EWU Entrepreneurship kicked off the new decade by bringing home a prestigious award—the 2020 Top Emerging Entrepreneurship Award. The award is given by the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE). It is widely recognized as the most coveted among entrepreneurship educators in the United States.

EWU competed through three rounds of evaluation to be named a finalist, ultimately beating out programs at Wake Forest University, Iona College and Florida Gulf Coast University in the finals. USABE presents this award annually to the top program that is either in its first three years of development, or which has gone through a major revision during the same period. Factors considered include the program’s innovation, boldness and student impact.

Bruce Teague (center) accepts 2020 Top Emerging Entrepreneurship Award.

Bruce Teague, the founding director of the EWU Center for Entrepreneurship, traveled to New Orleans to make the final presentation to the judges on Jan. 5. “We were singled out as an exceptional program that is built for the long haul,” Teague says.

Previous winners include Florida State University, UMass Amherst, Ohio University, the University of Tampa and Kansas State University.

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