HR Provides Reminder of Inclement Weather Policies

With winter weather conditions now upon us, it is helpful to review the policies relating to leave during inclement weather.

If employees request to leave or not report to work because they have concerns regarding the weather or driving conditions, employees must take vacation leave, compensatory time, if applicable, or leave without pay.

The Suspended Operations Policy only applies if the president or his designee declares the closure of the university because of conditions. For classified employees, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between EWU and the Washington Federation of State Employees, article 32.9, includes further provisions related to suspended operations.

Please note that closure of the university will apply to both the Cheney and all Spokane campuses. Also note that the University Recreation Center (URC) on the Cheney Campus will remain open, subject to available staffing. 

Please meet with your faculty and/or staff to review the policy to ensure they understand the procedure to follow if Suspended Operations is invoked. Also, please remember to sign up for EWU Alerts and to check the Emergency page or Snow Line (359-SNOW) for information during poor weather conditions or when suspended operation has been declared.

The Emergency page includes several resources and an FAQ about how decisions are made and what services are available during a closure.

 If you have any questions, please contact your assigned Human Resource Associate. 

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