Is There Anything Better Than Free Cake?

On Monday the JFK Library hosted the annual Books2Eat baking competition. Participants used literary inspiration to put together some really creative entries.

Many edible creations came from the pages of childhood favorites, like Green Eggs and Ham, Backyard Bugs, Baby Honu’s Incredible Journey and Elmer. Other bakers chose a favorite novel, like The Hobbit and The Help. And some of the talented sugar lovers took on non-fiction with subjects like Mount St. Helens, a grizzly bear attack and the summertime favorite, baseball. There was even one entry honoring the late Interim Dean of Libraries Charles Mutschler. The railroad themed dessert was inspired by Mutschler’s book, Wired for Success: The Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway, 1892-1985.

For 90 minutes the mouth-watering entries were on display in the library lobby for ogling and voting. People were asked to vote for two favorites.

Then the wait. The crowd started to grow while the final votes were cast. It grew even larger as votes were being counted. Everyone eager to find out who won. Or maybe more eager for a mid-afternoon sugar rush. Likely the latter for the many children in the crowd.

At about 2:45 p.m. the wait was over as Interim Dean of Libraries Justin Otto announced the winners.

Coming in third place, and winning a $50 Amazon gift card, was Evan Wavada with “Elmer,” elephant shaped cookies based on the children’s story by the same name.

Second place bragging rights and a $75 Amazon gift card went to Eris and Alex Hillman’s beautiful “Green Eggs and Ham” cake.

The top spot went to “Home Sweet Home,” a wonderfully detailed scene from The Hobbit. The first-place winner, Debbie Bleeker, received a $100 Amazon gift card.

After a lot of applause and some quick photo-ops, the many cakes and other treats were cut and served, much to the delight of onlookers.

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