New Updates to Campus COVID-19 Protocols

Gov. Jay Inslee recently issued a proclamation updating COVID-19 restrictions for Washington’s colleges and universities.

While the proclamation calls for many minor changes to some of the measures EWU has already implemented, there are a few significant changes that impact the university’s Safe Back to School Plan.

Highlights of the updated plan per the Governor’s order are as follows:

  • EWU is now offering quarantine and isolation housing to non-resident students who are not able to safely quarantine or isolate at their current residence. Students who are interested in this option should contact Housing and Residential Life at, or call: 509.359.2451 from 9-3 p.m. (after 3 p.m. call: 509.209.0444).
  • Dining service locations are no longer able to accept cash.
  • Employees are encouraged to avoid any non-essential travel for university purposes. Employees should self-quarantine consistent with local public health guidelines after any travel to high-risk areas as defined by the CDC.  
  • Gov. Inslee imposed additional requirements on fraternities, sororities, and other organizations providing congregate housing to university students.

EWU urges you to continue to follow public health guidelines that will help us avoid any outbreaks and contain the virus: Wash your hands, follow social distancing guidelines, and remember to wear a mask whenever you are inside of a university building—unless you are working alone or inside your dorm room by yourself.

To view Eastern’s fully updated Safe Back to School plan please visit our Coronavirus Resource webpage.

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