SPLIT Art Exhibit Runs Through Jan. 19

A new show in the EWU Gallery of Art by University of Idaho art professor Stacy N. Isenburger, will explore “holding space for desired reconnection and a renewed voice.” The exhibit, titled SPLIT, will run Nov. 17 through Jan. 19.

Isenbarger’s creative pursuits include sculpture, installation, and mixed-media drawings. She is also a noted champion of student mentorships and community exchanges through art.

In reaction to what Isenburger calls drastic changes in our communal spaces, works in SPLIT consider the nature of physical, personal, and political boundaries. “The precariously occupied constructions create collisions of materiality: putting viewers at odds with the familiar, challenging them to confront distance and restraint, and the claims they stake,” she  says. 

The works in SPLIT also aim to show how, as Isenburger puts it, “there has been much worth letting go of in recent years. Yet, I still feel an atmospheric pull to try and tie the air back together, to weave something grounding where I am,” she says. 

As foundations coordinator and associate professor of art and design at the University of Idaho, Isenburger has long embraced opportunities to explore creative communication and empowerment.

SPLIT is free and open to the public. EWU Gallery of Art hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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