Management Class Uses Simulation Software in National Competition

A recent business and management project placed EWU students in the role of executive management at a multi-million dollar company, competing directly against other real or simulated teams to grab market share and grow their business. The competition was part of Management 490: Department Senior Capstone.

To complete the project, students utilized business simulation software called Capsim. Student teams analyzed the industry, markets and competition, then formulated and executed a strategy to grow their business. Students made key decisions across the four major functions, including research and development, marketing, production and finance. Teams were benchmarked against more than 1,900 peer teams from teaching and research universities, including Ohio State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Temple University, University of Cincinnati and York University, among others.

During winter quarter 2020, the following teams finished in the top ten percentile:

  • Andrews Team (Industry ID C115189)
    • Danny Allen, senior, spanish and management
    • Peter Bowe, senior, entrepreneurship
    • Michael Childers, senior, business analytics
    • Westin Montgomery, senior, marketing
    • Madeline Sanders, senior, marketing
  • Baldwin Team (Industry ID C115190)
    • Steven Beo, senior, management
    • Chaise Cole, senior, management
    • Connor Fitzpatrick, senior, management
    • Tony Whitmer, senior, finance
  • Baldwin Team (Industry ID C115421)
    • Jeffrey Dean, senior, management
    • Andre Fayette, senior, management and finance
    • Carson Knepper, senior, marketing
    • Melissa Sherrill, senior, management
  • Chester Team (Industry ID C115190)
    • Hakem Al Habahbeh, senior, finance
    • Mitchell Beeman, senior, management
    • Jenny Borland, senior, marketing
    • Jimmy Garcia, senior, management
  • Chester Team (Industry ID C115422)
    • Almouhanad Alhussini, senior, finance
    • Abdullah Alreidan, senior, management information systems
    • Khalid Alrumih, senior, management information systems
    • Abdulaziz Alsugair, senior, management information systems
    • Alex Armstrong, senior, management information systems

In addition to the team challenge, student took the CompXM final exam, which is a comprehensive simulation-based exam to determine business aptitude and measure program learning outcomes. Subject Areas include strategy, finance, accounting, human resources, operations and marketing.

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