Message from the President: Eagles Vote!

Campus Community, 

We are now just a week away from what is already shaping up to be an historic Election Day on Nov. 3. Within our families, throughout our communities, and across various media platforms, our experiment in democracy is being put into practice as we actively debate and discuss our collective future. We also know that this election feels particularly contentious as we continue to struggle with a pandemic that has upended our daily lives.

This is why we must be resolute that every voice, and indeed every vote, must be heard, considered, and counted. To do otherwise is to diminish the sacrifices of those individuals – known and unknown – who fought to ensure no individual’s right to vote was infringed upon or suppressed due to their gender, race, political affiliation, ideology, age, or any other innate characteristic.

I encourage the EWU community to respectfully participate in our electoral process. Amazingly, nearly 60 million ballots have been cast so far – already surpassing early voting totals from 2016.  

If you are eligible to vote, I invite you to exercise this most fundamental right we possess. For those in the Cheney area, same-day voter registration and in-person voting will be available at EWU’s Student Engagement Hub in the PUB NCR from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day. I have exercised my right this year and I hope that every eligible citizen informs themselves on the issues and does exactly the same.

Finally, I am confident that leading up to the election and regardless of the outcome, we will come together in a civil and respectful manner as fellow members of the EWU community.

David May
Interim President
Eastern Washington University

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