Statement from EWU Board of Trustees and President in Response to Request for Independent Athletics Review

The following statement was issued during the full board’s regular opening meeting on Friday, Feb. 28. It was read by Vice Chair Kim Pearman-Gillman on behalf of Chair Vicki Wilson:

As always, all of us are committed to asking questions and hearing feedback from all areas and groups to understand and guide our university’s future. At this time, President Cullinan and the Board of Trustees will not be moving forward with an independent review of EWU Athletics. We believe the athletics organization is moving forward in a positive way with their budget alignment and plan the BOT approved two years ago, and we believe, under Lynn Hickey’s leadership, it will continue to do so. The Board of Trustees is obliged by law to continuously review the athletics budget, and we take that obligation very seriously. This is why we review the athletic financials at every board meeting and will continue to do so, and will continue to ask questions. Over the coming months the Board of Trustees is looking forward to hearing from the President’s newly established Student Success Academic Committee, and all the new and innovative ideas that the faculty have in helping and ensuring success for our students today and in the future.

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