Student Newspaper Still Delivers

Like the rest of campus, Eastern Washington University’s student newspaper, The Easterner, has had to adjust to the virtual realities of spring term amidst the COVID-19 crisis. And just like journalists nationwide, these aspiring journalists are determined to make sure you get the weekly campus news.

So, because it can’t print a paper this quarter, The Easterner staff is doing its best to deliver each weekly edition online.

“We feel that we’ve done a strong job thus far this quarter with articles that inform the EWU community and can answer a lot of questions through remote reporting,” says Drew Lawson, co-managing editor of the paper. “We’ll continue to operate remotely and continue covering our community during this crisis.”

Knowing that faculty, staff and students aren’t on campus, Lawson hopes people will take the time to visit to read the student paper. And of course, they always welcome good story ideas!

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