Approved Policy Changes Announced

Approved Policy Changes 

The Board of Trustees approved changes to the following policies this afternoon:

Policy Proposals Open for Public Comment

The following policy proposals are open for public review and comment on the EWU policy website under “Review Policies in Process.” You may also click on the policy titles below for a direct link. These proposals will remain open for comment until June 14.  You can submit your comments on the policy website or by attending a public hearing on Wednesday, May 31 at 8 a.m. in Tawanka 215A. If you need an accommodation to attend the hearing, please contact me at least two days prior to the hearing. 

  • EWU Policy 202-08: Identity Theft Prevention Program
    • Policy Proponent: vice president for Business and Finance
    • General updates to EWU’s program for identifying and responding to possible instances of identity theft involving university accounts 
    • Identifies the chief information officer or designee as the person responsible for EWU’s identity theft protection program 
  • EWU Policy 203-04: University Social Media
    • Policy Proponent: vice president for advancement
    • Updates the process for creating and monitoring university social media accounts
    • Identifies when and how social media content may be removed or blocked from a university social media account
  • EWU Policy 204-01: Space Utilization (new)
    • Policy Proponents: vice president for Business and Finance
    • Creates a Space Planning Advisory Committee to review individual requests for the assignment and reassignment of existing space on campus and provide recommendations to the President
    • Identifies a procedure for categorizing existing space and requesting changes to current space assignments. All space requests will need to go through this new process unless specifically exempted from the policy.
  • EWU Policy 401-06: Protected Health Information/ HIPAA Compliance
    • Policy Proponents: vice president for Business & Finance
    • Modifies the title of the policy from “Protected Health Information” to “HIPAA Compliance” to clarify the scope and purpose of the policy
    • Due to changes in the communication sciences and disorders clinic, WSU students are removed from the definition of a workforce member for HIPAA compliance purposes
    • Updates department names and contact information
  1. Policy Proponent: Vice President for Business and Finance
  2. Increases the number of hours a non-student temporary employee can work from 29 per week to 40 per week
  • EWU Policy 603-01: Campus Safety, Security and Crime Prevention
    • Policy Proponent: vice president for Business and Finance
    • Changes are made to the process of issuing timely warnings and emergency notifications due to new technological updates
    • Removes references to Code Blue stations as they will be replaced by a new digital emergency alert system
  • WAC 172-100-120: Parking Rules
    • Adds a provision indicating vehicles cannot be parked overnight in university parking lots or surrounding service drives owned by the university unless approved in advance by parking services for the purpose of special events or if the lot is designated for overnight use for students residing on campus
    • Adds a provision prohibiting people from plugging vehicles into electrical outlets on campus unless the specific parking space has been designated as an electric vehicle charging space

If you have any questions about the policy process, please contact Annika Scharosch, J.D., associate vice president for Civil Rights, Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management at or 509.359.6724.

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