Approved Policy Changes

Letter emailed to the EWU campus community on Jan. 2 from Annika Scharosch, J.D., associated vice president for civil rights, compliance and risk management, and the Title IX coordinator.

Campus Community,

Approved Policy Changes

The Board of Trustees approved changes to the following policies on December 8, 2023:

Policy Proposals Open for Public Comment

The following policy proposals are open for public review and comment on the EWU policy website under “Review Policies in Process.” You may also click on the policy titles below for a direct link. These proposals will remain open for comment until February 8th.  You can submit your comments on the policy website or by attending a public hearing on Thursday, February 8th at 8:00 a.m. in Tawanka 215A. If you need an accommodation to attend the hearing, please contact me at least three days prior to the hearing. 

  • Policy Proponent: Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Identifies the security and compliance requirements for employees who use mobile devices to conduct university business
  • Updates the procedures and standards for issuing university-owned mobile devices
  • Creates an alternative for employees who have a university-owned mobile device to receive an allowance for using their personal device to conduct university business rather than having a university-owned device 
  • Policy Proponent: President’s Office
  • Expands the definition of family to include aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins
  • Adds more information regarding the development of a conflict of interest management plan when a supervisor has a familial relationship with a subordinate 
  • Adds a new chapter to address the disclosure and management process of situations where a student seeks to take a class from a family member

Policies Under Initial Review

The following policies are currently under review and proposed changes may be presented to the Board of Trustees for first read in February. Once these proposed changes are presented to the Board of Trustees for initial review, they will be sent to all EWU employees and open to public comment before being submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval in May.

  • EWU Policy 104-02: EWU Commission on Gender Equity
  • EWU Policy 202-14: Carryforward
  • EWU Policy 203-01: Information Security
  • EWU Policy 402-02: Diversity & Nondiscrimination
  • EWU Policy 603-01: Campus Safety, Security and Crime Prevention
  • WAC 172-10: Public Records
  • WAC 172-122-200: Notice of Trespass

If you have any questions about the policy process or EWU policies, please feel free to contact Annika Scharosch, J.D., at

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