Nominations to SRA Task Forces are Open Through Jan. 25

The next step in the SRA process requires the active participation of a group of individuals who are willing to serve in important roles as members of the Academic Task Force or Support Task Force. Nominations to the SRA Task Forces are open through Wednesday, Jan. 25.

In the interest of securing the best possible candidates for membership, we ask that you nominate outstanding faculty and staff—both academic and support—for possible appointment by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

Please note that AVPs, VPs and part-time faculty are not permitted to serve on the task forces. Between 12 to 16 individuals will be needed for each task force to ensure appropriate diversity and institutional knowledge. Individuals selected for this responsibility are expected to attend two of three days of training scheduled for Feb. 14-16. Individuals unable to attend their respective training days will not be considered for appointment.

The task forces’ charge is contained in the following sample charters: Academic Charter and Support Charter. Task force members are anticipated to perform four to six hours of SRA-related work per week beginning after the training sessions and continuing through October when reports are submitted.

As part of the inclusive SRA process, all employees of EWU are encouraged to participate in the nomination process. Furthermore, the president of the Faculty Organization and our respective labor partner, have been invited to assist with reviewing the nominations for the Academic Programs and Support Functions Task Forces. Any faculty who serves on a task force during the summer will be compensated an administrative stipend totaling up to $2,500, proportional to the length outside of their base appointment. Should you have any questions about compensation for participating on an SRA task force, please contact Human Resources.

Please use the form on the SRA webpage to nominate yourself or qualified individuals for the task forces. All nominations must be submitted via the webpage by end of day on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

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