Shari Clarke, PhD, Details EWU Plans to Address Racism

Campus email sent on April 17 from Shari J. Clarke, PhD , vice president for diversity and senior diversity officer.

Dear Campus Community,

I was informed late last week regarding the racist graffiti found in the dance studio. Unfortunately, I have written too many statements regarding hate crimes, loss of black and brown lives, war, and multiple other forms of demeaning, divisive and hurtful behaviors.

I write today because I am concerned for the safety and well-being of our students. Let me be clear, I am particularly afraid for the Black students who are targets of hate on campuses across the country. I am angry that these racist acts happened in our higher education learning environment. 

I am asking faculty and staff to continue to support our students during this challenging time. The Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will immediately implement a number of solutions to address the issues these students are facing. However, the support of the entire community is needed. If you hear something or see something, please say something. These actions are devastating for students who are simply doing their best to learn and to graduate from EWU. We are all sensitive to the fact that learning is challenging in any space that does not feel safe. 

The administration at EWU is steadfast in our determination to address racist issues. I am asking the EWU community to enact positive actions that result in meaningful change where all our students are authentically welcome here and celebrated. 

The university will be responding with an array of action items with the Office for Diversity Equity & Inclusion enacting the following items:

-Campus Police have conducted a safety walk-thru of the Dance Studio Space.  Detective Schmitter is currently working on a camera plan for the space. Campus Police are also looking at the extra steps needed to lock doors and to implement other safety measures in this space

-EWU Administration will extend the invitation to members of BSU for an in-depth discussion on the issues and challenges faced at EWU

-BSU Students are invited to participate in a discussion with Black faculty, staff, and Community leaders (tentative date set for May 11, 2023)

-A campus-wide presentation will be held on dismantling Anti-Blackness along with Bias training provided by external experts (tentative date is forthcoming).

President McMahan stated hate is not welcome here. I echo this statement and again ask the EWU community to work toward the elimination of all discrimination. 

EWU’s police department is actively investigating racist graffiti found in the dance studio. If anyone has information about who may have been involved, please contact Detective Schmitter immediately at 509-359-7676. 

Please contact the following offices if support is needed:

Campus Resources (in alphabetical order)

Africana Studies Program
P: 509.359.2205 |

American Indian Studies Program
P: 509.359.6665 |

Catalyst (InfoCentre Call Center)
P: 509.359.4857 |

Chicana/o/x Studies Program
P: 509.359.4857 |

Counseling and Wellness Services
Cheney Campus | P: 509.359.2366
24-hour crisis line:  1-877-266-1818 |

Dean of Students
P: 509.359.7924 |

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
P: 509.359.4705 |

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EWU Global
P: 509.359.2331 |

Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies
P: 509.359.2898 |  

JLR Multicultural Center
P: 509.359.4004 |

Office of Equal Opportunity
P: 509.359.6612 |

Pride Center
P: 509.359.7870 |

Student Accommodations & Support Services
P: 509.359.7924 |
Student Intake Form or ICARE referral form
Community Resources

TalkCampus – 24/7 Peer-based Mental Health & Wellbeing Support

Title IX Coordinator
P: 509.359.6724 | |

Veterans Resource Center
P: 509.359.7040 |

University Police Department

Dial 911 if you have a life-threatening emergency or crime in progress.

Non-emergency assistance:
Cheney – 509.359.7676 

Catalyst (3-11pm., Mon.-Fri.) – 509.824.5458

WSU Spokane Campus – 509.358.7995 

EWU PD Office (8a.m. – 5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.):  509.359.6498

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